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The Upgraded Life

Helping people realize and reach their potential

Hi, I'm Nick, as a life coach I'm successful when you are successful. Your needs and goals are my priority. 

 My Story 

I'm man that is a father to two amazing sons, and husband to the strongest woman I have ever known. I've known struggle and strife, and I know the hard work that it takes to rebuild from nothing to something, more than once. I call the Pacific Northwest home, and I am known in my community as a youth sports coach, active community member, and problem solver. 

I understand deeply the pain of loss, the wounds and scars that come from an imperfect childhood, and the despair that comes from being so broken that it looks as if nothing will ever change. I know the sense of defeat despite having substantial achievements. Most of all I know the cost and reward of complete surrender, and how embracing the real work in this life is the only path to what everyone wants in this life – success and significance. 

I coach from a place of conviction and experience. I am a light in an all too dark world, and my light is saying those that choose to see, “Yes, its worth it, yes you can do it, don't give up”. 

As a coach I specialize in:

  • Men to overcome destructive anger 
  • Mental health clinicians build thriving private practices
  • Helping men and women develop the mindset, focus, and daily actions required to reach their goals

My Values & Beliefs

Mindset Matters

Most people are shackled by a default negative mindset. My coaching focuses on developing and upgraded positive mindset. Your mindset is the single most critical factor related to your success. 

Action is greater than knowledge

Getting the results you want depends on one thing and one thing alone – ACTION. If you do not take daily action nothing will change in your life. 

The Work Is Worth It

The kind of change that leaves a legacy behind doesn't come with work. The work is worth it! The life you have today is the directly linked to the vision that you currently have about yourself and your life. Creating an Upgraded Vision for your life will fuel your tank for doing the work today and tomorrow that will allow you to achieve your goals and leave behind an awesome legacy.

My Approach

My definition of coaching is to help people create a new normal where more and more of their potential is being realized. If you are doing pretty well today, I want to show you how could be doing even better. 

My coaching process, The Upgraded Life, involves a series of exercises that examine your mindset, vision, and personal core values that is focused on supporting you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. 

I draw upon my previous experience as a corrections worker, a marriage therapist, sports coach, and a top level academic to inform the work that I do with my life coaching clients. 


Featured Publications


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Book by Nick

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  • Campfire Anger – Winter 2020
  • Mindset Matters – 2021
  • Checklist Mentality – 2022
  • Get Sold On You – 2022

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