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“I am not known for being calm and levelheaded more like Bruce Banner who said “you wouldn't like me when I’m angry” this is the truth. I have been known to throw things, break things, and put my fist through walls, and worse says things. This Anger Resolution program helped me learned about the different types of anger and how to deal with it. I have started sharing it with my wife and kid and the impact has been absolutely eye-opening and freeing.” – Eric L 

“Before going through Nick’s Anger Resolution Program, I had no control over my reactions. My wife walked on eggshells and would “sugar coat” everything to keep me happy. We were on the brink of divorce. I felt like I lost all control of who I was – Nick’s program gave me that control back. The steps helped me identify the underlying reasons behind my anger, how to process before I reacted. After applying the Anger Resolution tactics my marriage is rock solid” – Kevin G

 “Throughout my life I struggled deeply in shame over how I handled my feelings. Anger, for me as a child, was treated as an assault on those around me. I would remember these words and then belittle myself. Anger Resolution helped me identify and refocus my anger. Anger is now my tool to get work done. I was able to create a positive shift and transition out of the shame game that anger had left me. With this I am far more capable of grace and understanding for myself and others.” – Tommy M