I'm Nick Sotelo

Life Coach and Career Coach

Helping You Realize and Reach Your Potential

Personal Life Coaching

Want more for your life and your relationships? I can help you Upgrade your life and get on track to living the life you truly desire

Career Building

If you are feeling stuck in your career and need help to advance or move into a different line of work – I can help 

The Upgraded Life

Quit Settling For Average! Be Awesome!

This is the one life you get to live. Don't settle for a life that is average and default. Wouldn't it be more than okay to set your goals high and build a life that leaves a legacy of honor and generosity? Let me help you do just that!

The Upgraded Life starts with the following:

Building an Upgraded Mindset - Inner Triad

Creating a powerful vision for your life

Solidifying your personal core values

Hear From Nick's Clients

Susan Davis says: Working with Nick totally changed my life inside and out! I have a more business, more hope, more peace, more courage, more vision, more focus, more income, more influence, more leadership, more skills, more healthy relationships, more purpose and fulfillment, and more ….ME than I did when I started working with Nick.

Coming Soon – Jen Seiter

Coming Soon – Sean McCarthy

Enjoy These Complinetary Resources

Nick's Morning Routine

See how I upgraded my morning to help me win each day.

The Upgraded Mindset

Your mindset is the single most important aspect of your life. I'll show you how to Upgrade your mindset

Upgraded Core Values

You get to choose how to live your life and what your life represents. Core Values is the driver of both. Here is an exercise that will solidify your core value 

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