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TUL - EP 30 - Joe Kou - Master your personal story to master your life
🎙Ep #30 Master your personal story to master your life 🎙 I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Kou
“Stories matter…especially the one's we tell ourselves” – Joe Kou
Joe's insights from a recent FB post:
But the thing about “adornment” here is that it isn't just about clothing or jewelry or tattoos. It is about identity.
In the same way that your work uniform can be useful in a very specific context of your life – it doesn't always express, communicate, or reflect who you really are –
So too can identities that we adopted to cope with or adapt to certain conditions of our lives, of our past – no longer serve to express, communicate, or reflect who are most deeply are.
It is about your core, unapologetic self, and whether or not that self is showing up, being embodied, being allowed to speak – and whether that version of you shows up congruently, consistently, and effortlessly.
Is your adornment serving that expression? Are you consistently showing up as the person you intend to be at your most authentic –
Or have you gotten stuck in reverse like so many of us, trying to adorn ourselves in certain ways in order for others to accept us when we ourselves have not?
Are you defined by the amount of money in your wallet, the rooms of your house, or the couture upon your body, stressing over maintaining these external trappings –
Or could you say more, express more, with a single item of clothing – through merely the manner in which you wear it – the manner in which you choose to adorn?
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