Dr. Sotelo, PhD, LMFT, ACS

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Development and Private Practice Mentoring

Clinical Supervision

I love helping clinicians find their identity and hone their skills to be fantastic professional helpers.

Private Practice Mentor

I can show you how to build a thriving private practice with an all cash paying caseload. 

A Thriving Private Practice

Mental Health Counseling Expertise

I have been active in the field of professional and helping and mental health since 1999. I bring to my supervision services over two decades of experience that spans private practice, in home family therapy, and corrections based counseling services. I  am trained as a  Counselor Educator and I am licensed in the state of Oregon as a Marriage and Family Therapist #T0669

Supervision from Dr. Sotelo includes

Clinical Skill Development - Individualized

Guidance for documentation and file management

Ethics based decision making

Enjoy These Complimentary Resources

Private Practice Essentials

This e-book outlines the essentials for building a thriving private practice. Feel free download, use, and share it.

Finding Cash Paying Clients

Understanding how to attract people that will gladly pay for your counseling services is a critical skill for building private practice. This booklet will show you where to start.

Full Caseload in 18 months

The only to fail, is to quit. I've found that clinicians that build their practice daily with intention tend to hit their stride at 18 months. This guide will give you an idea of what to expect at this point in the process of establishing your practice.